20/20 Program

The vision of Commins is to provide spaces and services that bring neighbors together. As a society, we are increasingly starved for community and seem to be searching for it everywhere but in our own neighborhoods. While we build offerings to connect people, we recognize that the first topic neighbors will likely talk about is the state (and future) of our neighborhood. Therefore, we believe it is important that these conversations include all stakeholders and we are committed to ensuring these voices are present in our membership. This is why Commins has built a 20% rule into our business model: 20% or our memberships are reserved at pay-what-you-can prices for people who have lived in our community for more than 20 years.

If you are a 20+ year resident of the Fort Greene community (21+ years old) and feel you would benefit from Fort Greene Commin's services and offerings, we want you as a member. Please contact us here, let us know you're interested in our '20/20 Program', and tell us a bit about yourself and your connection to Fort Greene.

There are limited spaces so please be patient as we develop this program.