Dear Neighbor,

I work from home and often find myself feeling isolated and unproductive. I blink and suddenly I’m standing in front of the fridge or rearranging a shelf. Cafes help but they can be loud and distracting. Since I have the choice, I’d rather not commute to a coworking space. My preference would be to stay in my community and get to know my neighbors.

I decided to build what I want in Fort Greene and I’m writing to invite you to join what I’m calling “Fort Greene Commins” – quiet, focused, daytime workspace for neighbors.

Fort Greene Commins has partnered with Dino (M/W/F) & Colonia Verde (T/Th) to provide beautiful workspace Monday - Friday from 9am to 4pm. Additional restaurants are ready to open as the membership grows.

I’m looking for “Founding Members” ($95/month) as well as collaborators. If you have ideas, please contact me at I’m eager to hear your thoughts. If you would like to join or if you know someone who you think would benefit from a membership, visit Free trails are available.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to meet you soon.

Many cheers,

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 2.25.19 PM.png

Sam Utne
Founder, Fort Greene Commins  |  @comminsco