Fort Greene Commins is more than quiet, focused, daytime workspace for neighbors. Our vision is a connected community. #ThinkFtGreene is an effort to provide local products and services to meet local needs. This is a page of 'Asks' & 'Offers' in the community and will be constantly evolving.

Fort Greene Commins members have indicated an interest in the following 'Asks' or needs. 


accounting, artistic collaboration & inspiration, babysitting, casual music-making, coffee buddies, connections at dept of education, dog walking, environmental activists, friendly neighbors, fundraising, furniture designers & manufacturers, good listeners & creative thinkers, marketing, photographer, piano lessons, proofreading, public relations, voice lessons, wordpress developer, work-tip exchange

Or post to Instagram using #ThinkFtGreene.



Or post to Instagram using #ThinkFtGreene.